Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

About Astanga Yoga

When you see Astanga Vinyasa Yoga practiced you watch a body in flowing motion. This flow is known as Vinyasa or breath and movement synchronisation.

What you hear when Astanga Yoga is practised is the rhythmic sound of Ujjayi breathing (victorious breath or fire breath). This is a form of pranayama/breath control. Ujjayi breathing generates heat in the body making it more supple.

What you feel when you practice Astanga Yoga is the systematic opening of the body as you move through the set sequence of asanas. The order of the sequence remains constant, equally cultivating strength and flexibility. Proficiency takes time and is required before moving on.

Astanga Yoga’s dynamic nature is brought about by an inner strength yet outer softness with no forcing. It is experienced as a feeling of lightness in the body.

The culmination of key elements develops a meditative quality to the practice. In this way individuals are able to realise their potential and develop from their own inner wisdom.

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